Frequently Asked VOIP Questions

q. Why change from a traditional telephone to a VOIP system?

a. VOIP offers big savings on cost due to the hosted switchboard and highly reduced call costs.

q. Can I use my old numbers or will I lose them?

a. Numbers can be ported in most cases at a minimal cost.

q. What is the VOIP data usage?

a. +/- 1 Megabyte for 1 minute of conversation.
Thus 1 Gigabyte = 1000 minutes of conversation.

q. What is a Hosted Switchboard?

a. Not a physical switchboard on site but hosted on a server (Cloud based) with modern functionalities.
No effect of power/lightning damage & general breakage makes for zero maintenance fee.

q. Can the extensions be utilized at different locations?

a. Yes, with handset at different locations they still function as extensions.
There are no call costs between extensions from different locations.

q. What internet connection is required for VOIP?

a. A connection with relative low latency (+/- below 50 ms) and jitter (+/- below 10 ms) with and up/down speed above +/- 10mbps. (LTE/Fibre/adsl)

q. Can the calls be recorded?

a. Call recordings are optional at a minimal monthly cost.

q. Can after hours/ Christmas function messages etc. be set?

a. Yes custom messages can be set at no additional cost

q. Must I sign a long term contract?

a. No, the service can be cancelled on a 30 day notice.